History review of Omsk State College of Professional Technologies

колледжThe history of Omsk State college of professional technologies goes back to the date of the 50s of the XX century. The foundation of the college was determined by the need of the qualified employees before the WW2.

Omsk college went a long way from the technical school to the college as it is now. First professions taught at the educational institution were the drivers of the tramways and trolleybuses, repair technicians of the tramways and the trolleybuses, repair technicians of the bread-baking plants. The date of 6.12.1955 is considered the foundation date of Omsk State college of professional technologies.

Years went by and there appeared new professions, the school got a new title, established links with Omsk enterprises.
In 1965 the college starts to train automobile cranes drivers, excavator drivers, repair technicians of road-building machines. Great contribution to the college’s development was paid by I.V. Mikhaylenko who was the college’s principal from 1968 to 1978.
The average number of the graduates each year from 1979 to 1982 was 1288 people.
A part-time department was opened considering the demand of the labor market at the time.
In 1990 Sergey Viktorovich Ugrumov became the principal of the educational institution and has been in its head till present days.
In 1993 the educational institution got a title of a lyceum, there were new specialities opened. In 1994 the lyceum was Soros International Fund laureate for its innovation education projects.
In 1999 the lyceum receives its present name of Omsk State college of Professional Technologies.